Our Mission:

To make a good quality clothing at a reasonable price that children like to wear.

Company Profile:

I started sewing the reversible pants and corduroy jackets for our daughter when she was little. People started asking where I had purchased the outfits or what patterns I had used when sewing them myself. Once I explained that they were unique and handmade from patterns that I created, people responded and I have been sewing up a successful business since 1995.
The outfits have become a popular gift items for holidays, birthdays, shower gifts, and other special occasions.

The clothing line has grown from reversible pants and corduroy jackets to overall shorts, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, dresses, and purses. The sizes range from newborn (3-6months), infant (6-12months), toddler (18month-4years) and up to age 8 in dresses and pants. See the products page for more information.

What people have said about us.

“Beautiful clothes…tooo cute!”

“Nice stuff!!!!!”

“I really love your clothes, and it is priced just great, Thank you for all the great clothes.”

“My daughter just loves your clothes.”

“Your outfits are great.”

Upcoming shows

For a complete list of our upcoming shows please go to our list of shows at the top menu.
List of our upcoming shows.

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