Living Earth Pottery

Living Earth Pottery - Katy AdamsKaty Adams has been attending the James Bay Market since 2004 and creating functional art since 1997. Her pieces, inspired by the Westcoast, are diverse in form and function.

Living Earth Pottery is created in a studio in Comox, BC. Each unique piece is handmade using the potters wheel or hand building techniques. Katy has been creating functional art for the last 17 years. Her work is diverse in form and function but is always lightweight and refined. She runs Living Earth Pottery with the environment and local communities in mind.

“I try to make my pieces beautiful as well as functional. It is my hope that I can create some of the simple things of life locally, with intention and integrity. In my work I try to support community based and environmentally sustainable initiatives.” -Katy Adams

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The show runs Saturday and Sunday
Nov 2nd and 3rd 2019
10:00 am – 4:00 PM.
Location: 11 High St at the Corner of High Street and Burnside Road West in Victoria, British Columbia.
ABOUT THE SHOW:In keeping with the season, our show has a wide variety of juried handmade items including: Christmas Decorations, Body Care Products, Original Artwork, Handmade Cards, Jewellery, Knitting, Fibre work, Metal and glass, Pet Products, Adult and Children’s Clothing, honey, jams and jellies, sweet treats and Gourmet Food to take home and eat in.
Corner of High Street and Burnside Road West Victoria,Canada B.C . A list of vendors are below in the Gift Guide.

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